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Versace Palace•Dubai

•Water Storage Device
•Effective Discharging Capacity: 2,500RTh
•Diameter: 10m
•Volume: 1,000m3

Malaysia New National Administration District GDC-4

•Tank diameter: 45.5m
•Tank Height: 33.7m
•Water Storage Capacity: 55,000m3
•Effective Discharging Capacity: 100,000RTh

Hangzhou Citizen Center

•Building Area: 580,320m2
•Ice Storage Capacity: 39,800RTh
•RUNPAQ Electromagnetic Heatmeter
•RUNPAQ Time Type Thermostat

Shanghai Baiyulan Square

•Building Area: 420,000m2
•VAV AC: 7℃ supply water, 12℃ return water
•3,200 RUNPAQ VAV-TMN Devices

Guangzhou Zhujiang City

•Building Area: 210,000m2
•Grade-A Low Energy Consumption Building
•2,204 Sets of Integrated VAV Device
•20,381 Control Points of BA System

CITIC Tower (China Zun)

•Building Area: 437,000m2
•Building Height: 528m
•Ice Storage Capacity: 35,000RTh